Small Business Legal Plans

Professionals Discuss a Legal Business Plan.

Scale Your Business with Expert Legal Advice

Our small business legal plans offer you comprehensive protection so you can focus on driving your company forward. Whether you’re a new startup that needs help with compliance, or you’re a seasoned business owner in Philadelphia, PA who wants to avoid high legal fees, HELP Legal Plan has solutions for you.

Small businesses often don’t have the resources to hire in-house counsel. Even if you’re very successful, retaining services from a law firm can be very expensive. With our small business legal plans, you get all of the benefits of a high-quality firm for an affordable monthly cost. HELP Legal Plan provides instant access to legal help when you need it. We can even help with plan financing if you’re a small business that needs to focus money and other resources on growth. Our network of lawyers will work hard to protect your company and its assets from legal risks. For more information on our small business legal plans, call us at 888-667-6150 today!

The Benefits of Small Business Legal Plans

Any business owner who’s been through legal issues can attest to the value of a great attorney. The right firm and its lawyers can guide you through lawsuits and make sure all of your investment and hard work is protected. Here are some of the main benefits of HELP Legal Plan‘s small business legal plans. As a business owner, you get:

  • 24-hour access to a team of expert lawyers: Our network of lawyers is there on a schedule or in an emergency.
  • General Consultation: You can speak on the phone with your network lawyer whenever you have questions or want to run an idea by them.
  • Contract review: We can help with the legal review of contracts for employees, partners, or vendors.
  • Financing options for legal fees: Legal protection can be an unexpected, expensive proposition. We help small businesses bridge the gap with financing for legal fees.
  • Legal correspondence: At some point, every business will need a lawyer to draft or conduct legal correspondence. Our network has extensive experience advocating for small businesses.

A Plan for Businesses of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business of 1 or 100. Small business legal plans from HELP Legal Plan can give you the peace of mind you need to run your company and win big. Most small business leaders say they are required to wear several hats on the job. They may run the finance team and have to deal with HR issues regularly. Others have to work on product development and build a sales team at the same time.

Take the stress out of protecting your company from legal risks with the support that our legal plans provide. Our innovative approach to business legal services means top-level legal advice and consultation is available for every small business in the Philadelphia, PA area. Protect your small business investments and assets by calling us at 888-667-6150 today to hear more about our legal plans and how they can help.