Changing the Law Experience

business legal services

Democratizing Legal Services

For too long, access to the best lawyers was governed by how much money you had. The wealthy, and businesses with deep pockets hired the best lawyers because they could pay their high fees without concern. That left sole proprietors, small businesses, and others scrambling to find attorneys and business legal services they could afford, often with mixed results. That’s where HELP Legal Plan comes in. For years, we’ve worked to change the legal experience for businesses in Philadelphia, PA. Our legal plans offer expert business legal services at affordable prices so you can protect yourself and your business or organization. If you’re interested in hearing about our group legal plans, call us today at 888-667-6150!

Specific Expertise When You Need It

If you’re an owner or manager, odds are you’ve dealt with some legal matter in the past. Most people or small businesses that can’t afford to have a law firm on retainer turn to recommendations from friends, who they’ve used in the past, or an online search when looking for a lawyer to help. It’s wildly inefficient, and it’s no longer your only option.

We created group plans that offer on-call business legal services. With HELP Legal Plan, we help you find a lawyer who specializes in specific fields, so you get the best advice possible. If you’re looking for a contract lawyer, that’s what you’ll get. As a member, when you contact us, we reach out to our extensive legal network for the best option for you. Usually, we can provide lawyers who specialize in several fields, so you’ll be able to develop a long-term working relationship with one firm or a single attorney.

A Wide Member Network Means Affordable Business Legal Services

Providing business legal services to members across Philadelphia, PA helps lower costs for our clients. Instead of paying expensive legal fees to deal with a legal dispute or conduct document review, you pay a standard fee and get access to a variety of services at any time.

As a member, you’ll also have a better relationship with your lawyer. They aren’t driven by billing as many hours as possible, and you won’t have to deal with the stress of how much talking to them will cost you. Interactions are anxiety-free and help you get work done and protect your assets.

Greater Access Increases Compliance and Reduces Risk

When you have access to expert legal services, you’re more likely to engage with them. People avoided traditional law experience because it was opaque and confusing. At HELP Legal Plan, we’re committed to bringing transparency to business legal services and reducing risks for members who own businesses, work in human resources, or manage organizations in Philadelphia, PA. We know that when people have increased access to quality legal advice, they work and operate better with lower liability. Call us at 888-667-6150 to hear more about our group legal plans and how they can help. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have and get you started.