Group Legal Plans For Employers in Philadelphia, PA

Executives Go Over Documents.

Business Legal Services You Can Count On

Every employer hopes they never have to speak to a lawyer. However, business owners around the world know that’s not possible. Running a company, large or small, involves a large amount of legal work. Whether it’s document review or drafting contracts, every week you’ll likely come across something that should involve an attorney. A group legal plan gives employers peace of mind knowing someone is there to answer a phone call or email.

With a group legal plan from HELP Legal Plan, there’s no scramble to find a lawyer when someone brings a lawsuit against you or you need to protect your intellectual property. You have around the clock legal services at your fingertips. If you’re interested in a group legal plan for your business in Philadelphia, PA, call us today at 888-667-6150!

How It Works

HELP Legal Plan partners with a network of the best attorneys to help employers in Philadelphia, PA. With our monthly group legal plans, you avoid paying high hourly rates lawyers charge, and you still get the same great service and legal expertise.

Sign up is very simple, and once you’re a member, you have access to a top-quality legal network that has your back. Once you’re signed up, you have access to the extensive resources HELP Legal Plan provides to each of our clients. When something comes up, you contact HELP Legal Plan and we’ll link you with an attorney who has experience in that specific field.

Your attorney will work with you on a wide variety of legal matters employers need. They’ll give you regular consultations, draft letters and make phone calls on your behalf, and help you with any legal issues related to business planning.

Group Legal Plans Let You Focus on Your Business

There are a lot of benefits of joining our group legal plan for employers.

  • Experienced Lawyers: You never have to compromise. A lot of employers have to choose between paying enormous fees or finding a lawyer with less experience. We eliminate that choice for you because all of our lawyers are seasoned professionals.
  • No Intermediaries: With HELP Legal Plan, you get direct access to an on-call attorney. You don’t get handed off to paralegals, clerks, or a junior lawyer. You get the advice you need quickly.
  • Leverage Resources: You don’t have to pay a high retainer to one lawyer. By paying a low monthly fee, you get access to a variety of legal experts. That peace of mind allows you to focus more on your business knowing your legal worries are in good hands. You don’t need to hire in-house counsel either.

Protect Your Organization with a Group Legal Plan

HELP Legal Plan brings lawyers to you, so you don’t have to search online for what you need. With a trusted legal partner, you can review cases, contracts, documents, and other legal matters as you conduct business. There’s no rush to hire an attorney after a mistake has been made or in response to a lawsuit. Your group legal plan helps you conduct business alongside a qualified attorney who will give you expert legal advice so you can avoid any missteps.

In the event you face legal challenges to your organization, your lawyer will work with you to review the case and protect your employees and assets. Most of the time, a good lawyer can head off legal issues before they become problems. We give you the confidence you need that comes with having an excellent legal team behind you.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our group legal plans in Philadelphia, PA, contact HELP Legal Plan to hear more. You can reach us at 888-667-6150 today!