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Ideally in business, there would be no contract disputes or employee problems, but legal issues are just standard parts of everyday business. Large corporations have teams of attorneys to manage legal affairs, but small businesses often require the help of outside attorneys for any kind of legal problem, from reading a contract to dealing with personnel issues. This can amount to costly legal fees, costing your business a good deal of money. That’s where HELP Legal Plan helps. We offer a wide selection of group legal plans to assist small companies and HR professionals throughout Jermyn, PA. Learn more about our team or set up an appointment by calling 888-667-6150.

Our Service Offerings in Jermyn, PA

Whenever you want to resolve a contract issue or human resources problem, with the group legal plans that HELP Legal Plan provides in Jermyn, PA, you’ll always have expert legal help available. If you are a human resources professional or have a small company, under our plans you have 24-hour access to a network of experienced lawyers. If you are ready to set up an appointment with us, call us at 888-667-6150 or contact us online. 

Our budget-friendly monthly fees save you the worry of finding a reliable attorney on short notice and having to pay expensive hourly fees or retainers. Your business will be able to get help from our experienced team of lawyers at any time. Our team is committed to helping small business owners and HR professionals manage liability and compliance, and gain peace of mind about their legal matters.

Whether you require our experienced legal professionals to go over contracts or other documents or send legal correspondence, as a small business owner you can rest assured you’ll have a comprehensive selection of services at your fingertips. From working with employees that have been let go to onboarding issues, human resources professionals can get consultations and advice for any employee issues. 

After you enroll with us, all you have to do is call our team, and we’ll get you in contact with a legal professional in our network. Each of our service offerings include everything from consultations to document review to drafting correspondence to other tasks as needed.

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Whether you are a HR professional or small business owner, whenever you need regular legal assistance depend on the experts at HELP Legal Plan. We offer a complete selection of group legal plans in Jermyn, PA. To find out more about us or set up services, all you need to do is call 888-667-6150.