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When you’re a human resources professional or have a small business and need legal services in Pennsylvania, you normally rely on outside attorneys that charge high hourly rates or expensive retainer fees. In time, those fees add up. With an HR legal plan or another group legal plan from HELP Legal Plan, you can save money and get the legal services you need at anytime. Learn about everything we can do for you or enroll in services by calling 888-667-6150.

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As a human resources professional you know legal issues can come up at any time, whether you have to resolve an employee contract problem or establishing new hire policies. By enrolling in an HR legal plan from HELP Legal Plan, you never have to worry about finding an attorney in Pennsylvania at the last moment or paying high fees that can add up over time. 

As a small business owner in Pennsylvania, you probably don’t have a team of attorneys to help you if you need a contract reviewed or require someone to draft legal correspondence for you. With one of our affordable group legal plans for small businesses, you’ll have access to some of the top attorneys in Pennsylvania. 

It’s easy to enroll in one of our affordable monthly plans. All you have to do to get started is to call 888-667-6150. We offer several financing options to get you started. Once you sign up, you’ll have almost instant access to leading legal professionals. Anytime you need help from HELP Legal Plan, we’ll get you in touch with an attorney or firm from our extensive network that specializes in your particular legal matter. We’ll work with you on anything from a  consultation to a lawsuit. Even if you have legal problems already, we’ll be able to help you.  

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Whether you are an HR professional needing an HR legal plan or small business needing a group legal plan, never worry about high legal fees again by signing up with HELP Legal Plan. We offer a full range of plans. Find out how we can help or set up services by giving us a call at 888-667-6150.