Are group legal plans worth it?

group legal planning

What is a group legal plan?

A group legal plan, also known as personal legal service and prepaid legal service, is a technique that makes legal services much more attainable. While it is directly acknowledged as a legal service, group legal plans can be more closely related to a discount plan for legal services that can be extremely beneficial to you when you need assistance at some point. Generally, many companies offer group legal plans to employees to better help with legal representation when it counts. Most cities in the United States, like Philadelphia, PA are known for their businesses largely having some kind of package for employees. 

The simple way to explain how a group legal plan is worth it is by comparing the costs between a personal attorney and the legal plan itself. A group legal plan for that matter is far less expensive than an attorney, while also being nearly just as effective thanks to the wide array of coverage a person can get personally and professionally. Employers are also encouraged to provide a group legal plan to help those hired by giving them an affordable option while taking care of personal protection as well. HELP Legal Plan can help by offering our group legal plans for businesses or for those that are looking to be protected without having to go through the long process of getting a personal expensive lawyer. Call 888-667-6150 today to schedule your appointment.

What does a group legal plan cover?

While they are not entirely known for their complexity, group legal plans are known entirely for the diverse range of problems they cover for anyone that takes advantage of the service. Employers both benefit from granting their employees access to a group legal plan while at the same time they can enjoy some of the benefits as well. To that end, these plans tend to protect people in ways like:

  • Distressful financial challenges
  • Traffic tickets
  • Estate planning
  • Wills
  • Debt
  • Child custody
  • Incoming lawsuit defense 
  • Car accidents

Specifically, employers can participate in group legal plans, but also get the benefit of each employee having peace of mind. As mentioned, group legal planning is not strictly a legal service, but more of a way to make them more affordable through each person chipping in and getting quality representation in legal disputes or endeavors. On occasion, a company can get legal expenses insurance for employees as well, which is essentially a preparatory measure for any legal action directed towards an individual or a company. This combined with group legal plans tends to make a legal defense or action extremely affordable due to it being paid throughout the year with the help of an established business.

Are prepaid legal plans worth it?

The answer to that largely depends on the bundle or plan you pay into whether as an employee, member of a union, or participator in an organization. It’s best to look around at what’s being offers, most of the time an established company will likely do better for its employees than a nonprofit or small business. While some plans only cover as low as simple consultations, the much higher paying plans can entirely cover process like:

  • Divorce
  • Driving while intoxicated charges
  • Physical altercations

While some companies may not give a choice in the employee’s enrollment, those that do offer a variety of plans are often notable in the fact that they are very clear in what is covered. It should be noted that in more expensive plans, employers are able to work out some kind of deal with a legal council company that allows for some kind of measure in affordability for employees. HELP Legal Plan for example is always ready to help and consult clients on what plan is best. Much of the time, most businesses do not need the most expensive of choices, often getting a good middle ground that covers the day to day occurrences that may happen. To answer the question, they can be when you have legal counsel like those found at HELP Legal Plan.

group legal planning

Should I enroll in a legal plan?

One of the worst parts about legal situations is having to find a reliable attorney of which is honest and has some kind of merit. Fortunately, 80% of employers agree that group legal plans offer employees more than the average in legal protections. The reason is that where there can be confusion in the immediate search for legal representation, doing so proactively offers better results thanks to the process including comparing and contrasting what is most appropriate. With that in mind, group legal plans are far more affordable thanks to a list of options that a person can choose from that make dealing with it much easier thanks to more people being in on the operation. From our primary location in Philadelphia, PA, HELP Legal Plan offers multiple legal options on top of group legal plans. We can help you when you call 888-667-6150 for a scheduled appointment.

What are legal issues in business?

businessman arguing contract with individuals

Why are legal issues important?

Owning a business has a lot of responsibilities, but do you need to know business law to own and run a business? If you’re a business owner and not a lawyer, Why is it important to study business law? Business law does the same thing for businesses that basic laws do for all of us: It defines unacceptable behavior, provides certainty and stability, protects the public, the employees, and the company. Business law provides a mechanism for businesses to settle disputes in the best way possible. 

Owning and running a business is challenging, exciting, frightening, and rewarding all at the same time. When it comes to owning and running a business, it is important to know what is business law like and get things right. The excitement is being a business owner. The challenges can vary from finding the right premise to operate from to have legitimate contracts that protect you with your customers, employees, suppliers, business partners. These are the things that make having a business law background or somebody on your side that does can come in handy. Which can explain business law is hard. There are so many variables. Knowing the differences between business law vs business ethics, which is more important to know both and which one to run your business by.

What are some examples of legal issues?

Every industry is distinctive, and every business within every industry is unique. There are several legal issues that every company will face at some point. Some examples of these legal issues are:

  1. Type of Entity: A business owner must choose the type of entity he will create for his company. Choices like limited liability or limited partnership, and once that is decided, which forms are needed and how are they filed? Knowledge of business law is helpful in this decision.
  2. The Business Name: When you sit around dreaming of having your own business, names are flying around in your mind. When it comes down to it though, it may not be as simple as you might think. The first step is not to choose a name that is like or almost like any entity that is on file with the secretary of state office, this is something that is protected by business law. Is a name that reflects the owner’s name a good choice? Or choose a name that matches the phone number? Maybe a name that reminds the company’s products or services?
  3. Contract Labor or Employees: The next choice is if you will use contract labor or hire employees. For many companies, contract labor can be attractive, but there are caveats the business owner needs to consider that choice. Then there is the need to draw up contracts for employees or contract labor that will protect the business, another reason that having a knowledge of business law is helpful.
  4. Business Space: Many businesses can be operated from home, but many need office space for a business presentation, a warehouse, and maybe factor space. conducted out of a home, companies must have office or warehouse space. There are contracts and leases to be signed, and the business needs to make sure they are as protected as the building owner and are in line with business law that protects both parties.
  5. Acquiring Equipment: Equipment is needed for any business, like office supplies, office furniture, phones, computers, copiers, printers, etc.  These can cost from the hundreds and up to the thousands. Should the equipment be purchased outright with the owner self-financing or is taking a startup loan wise? Maybe acquiring the equipment through leases? Is maintenance going to be covered either way? Facets of business law can provide the knowledge that protects the business.
  6. Interests Insured: Protecting your business interests with insurance is basic business law 101. Professional liability insurance for a professional or product liability insurance for a manufacturer. Before a building owner will sign a lease, they will require that liability insurance to be in place and proof provided.
  7. Employee Incentives: If your business is growing, keeping the employees that helped you get there is important. Following the business laws set forth, offering equity in the business as an incentive is one way to do this. One option would be phantom stock entitlements.
  8. Shareholders: As your company grows in size and value, you need to have a plan in place in case of death, disability, or divorce. Having shareholders or members with interest can be your saving grace and business law basics will have this explained.
  9. Records of the Business: Any size business needs to keep records and keep them in order and up to date. From expenses to earnings and more. The type of entity you choose to operate under will determine what records need to be in place. There are specifics within business laws that detail this information.
  10. An Exit Strategy: While you’re starting your business, creating an exit strategy may seem unnecessary, but following the text of business law, it is understandable why this is recommended. If you choose to groom an employee to take over, or will it be handed over to a family member, or simply sell the company? 

How do businesses deal with legal issues?

Unless you have a background and education in business law, before starting a business, you might hire an attorney or a business manager with a background in business law. This will come in hand in the very beginning, as we stated earlier when deciding the type of entity that you’ll operate under. The forms to complete and file can make having a person familiar with business law worthwhile. 

You can hire an attorney to be on a retainer or have a one-time fee, both have advantages and disadvantages. It will be worth your time to research the two options and decide if your business is one that may need frequent legal advice and guidance. There are issues like licenses, permits, adhering to zoning regulations and more to consider if you’ll need expert help or not. 

business lawyer reviewing law with client

What are some legal issues entrepreneurs should be aware of when starting a business? 

Issues that an entrepreneur may not consider when starting up a business that lacking any knowledge of business law could help:

  • Trademarks: Infringement on another company
  • Non-Disclosure: Anyone that has anything to do with your business should sign one
  • Vesting: Important if you have partners
  • Intellectual Property: Protect your investment financially, time, copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets
  • Accounting and Finance: Accounting and bookkeeping are an important part of business infrastructure
  • International Trademarks: Your ownership is secure in the U.S. may not be overseas 

It is energizing to start a new business. It is also scary. This article has furnished information that can guide you in the right direction. Finding a person with business law knowledge is essential.

When you need help with business legal services, turn to HELP Legal Plan. Call us today at 888-667-6150!

Are Group Legal Plans Worth it?

Group legal plan

What do group legal plans cover?

A group legal plan offers a company of any size the capability to have crucial legal services provided by a legal company much like HELP Legal Plan located in Philadelphia, PA. While many believe legal services pertain to defense against lawsuits, that is not actually the case. The purpose of a group legal plan is to:

  • Legally protect those that work in the company and their families 
  • Benefit employees with legal advice on appropriate subjects
  • Give the company the capability to defend itself legally
  • Have a legal minded reference for company policy 

It can be agreed upon that very few people actually think about anything in the legal world until they are directly involved with it. Either by being presented a lawsuit or having to do so directly to another company, a group legal plan helps a company be keeping it prepared for such measures. Furthermore, with a group legal plan, employees have options open to them that they would not have as ease of access to when without. With the mentioned legal service, employees enjoy greater knowledge and access to legal preparation. This includes assistance with insurance and legal documentation such as wills. The company in itself would also have access to human resources assistance for additional assistance in getting internal issues remediated peacefully and beneficially for both sides.

The process to get a group legal plan is fairly similar to health insurance or another policy. Many companies include it, but employees may have the option to opt into the service if companies cannot afford the service, there is a company union or the company offers it as an option. For more information or to experience the services of a group legal plan, call 888-667-6150 if you are based in Philadelphia, PA.

Why is a group legal plan important?

It could be surmised that in legal proceedings, the state will offer a person a legal representative when they are unable to acquire one. A group legal plan can work in the same way but in much better circumstances. Instead of being left without options, group legal plans give the person options in legal situations and life in general. It gives an employee of a company a valuable resource to both rely upon and benefit from in the case that life ever throws a curveball. It also provides a simplified way for employees and employers to communicate thanks to the clear HR policies a group legal plan would help with. 

These HR plans would be clear, being able to offer everyone a clear understanding of what is expected and what is not recommended. Employees would also have a better chance to have a clear understanding of policies such as those set out by employers as well as those insurance companies set for those that accept their terms. This by far evens the playing field when an employee is looking to add an insurance polity to their repertoire of preparation.

What does a legal consultation mean?

A legal consultation provides a better picture of who an attorney is through officially meeting with them. This is done generally before taking on their services by hiring them whether it be for representation or other services they may offer. For such events, it is expected for a person to bring all necessary documentation for both you and the lawyer to get the clearest picture on what they may be doing. In the case of a group legal plan, the employees would speak and negotiate with a team of legal advisors that can help them in the endeavors agreed upon.

There is often a misunderstanding with those that are unfamiliar with the role lawyers those familiar with the legal systems have in this process. Those attending the meeting are interested in taking on the job offered by you. Going into such meetings, the person should be officially dressed and honest. It’s okay to take notes and ask plenty of questions, that’s expected. Upon speaking about group legal plans and other legal matters, it is always a good idea to keep your own documentation of the meeting.

group legal plan

Are prepaid legal services worth it?

Prepaid legal services in reference to a group legal plan is something many people use and benefit from. At some time in their lives, most people tend to need some kind of legal service to get them living back to normal. While a group legal plan covers a broad array of services and benefits, having it more attainable than normal. Prepaid legal services simply make that process easier by having easier access to representatives. The costs are also lower, this is due to most companies offering lower rates and premiums for the services.

If you live in Philadelphia, PA and have need for legal services for your business or employees, contact HELP Legal Plan today. For more information on our offers or to set up an appointment, call 888-667-6150 to get the process started.

Legal Advice for Business Startups

small business legal plans

Small Business Legal Services Near Me

Small business legal plans in Philadelphia, PA are available for businesses looking to increase their stature in the community. Generally speaking, the average hourly rate for a business lawyer can range anywhere from $100 per hour to $1,000 per hour. The reason why this range is so expansive is that a lawyer in a large city will charge more than a lawyer in a small town. A lawyer in a large city will understand more about the nuances of businesses nearby, whereas a lawyer in a small town will understand more legal ramifications in the local area.

Personal Legal Plans

Personal legal plans are important to consider, particularly if you foresee that you will need help in the following matters: guardianship, conservatorship, prenuptial agreements, a name change, review of any personal legal document, school hearings, demand letters and more. There are so many reasons why you should consult a professional lawyer when it pertains to important documents and legal action. A lawyer is useful for a review of immigration documents, garnishment defense, and of course, protection from domestic violence. A good lawyer will protect your rights as an individual of the United States.

Legal Advice for Business Startups

Business startups need plenty of advice in order to get off the ground in a strong way. Legal advice can come in the form of determining the legality of your idea. A good lawyer will be able to review the proposed business plan and make sure that the endeavor is lawful and that it is aligned with current regulations. It’s also important to define who the founders of the business are, and who the employees are. If it’s just you, or just you and your partner, it will be important to draft some supporting documentation. Defining these roles helps divide up the title, salary, equity split, and other compensation. Legal advice will also help define the appropriate business structure so that as an entity, things are streamlined and efficient.

Business Lawyers in Philadelphia

There are many business lawyers available in Philadelphia. This is wonderful for businesses because it helps them select a lawyer that has different applicable strengths. For example, if a small business needs innate industry knowledge in a certain market, there is likely to be a lawyer that can provide that service. There are many different advertisements for such lawyers. This helps businesses to be selective in their final choice.

Free Legal Aid Philadelphia

If you require legal assistance but do not have a lot of money, thankfully there are resources. The Philadelphia Bar Association founded an organization called Community Legal Services, which provides free civil legal assistance to low-income Philadelphians. This is a very valuable asset to society because it makes sure that all citizen’s rights are protected and that sacred values, such as freedom and independence, are supported.

Small Business Legal Plans

There are a number of different legal questions that small businesses have. Examples of these questions include:

  • Are there legal consequences if I include my family members in the LLC?
  • Are personal expenses covered by the LLC checking account?
  • If I borrow money from a relative for the business, what needs to be written in the agreement letter?

A good lawyer will be able to help you address these questions and more. Many small start-ups do not have appropriate legal advice from the outset, which is why it’s important to “lawyer up.”

Prepaid Legal Plans for Small Business

You might be seriously considering a prepaid business legal plan. Discounted legal services, which are billed on a monthly basis, are highly alluring to small business owners. For instance, for a small monthly fee, small businesses can receive phone consultations, face-to-face consultations, collection letters, and attorney letters and calls. There are many benefits to these monthly services and good legal services can counteract the financial pressures of rising health insurance costs and unexpected expenditures.

Legalshield Small Business Plans

LegalShield is a very prominent name in the legal services industry. LegalShield provides a prepaid legal plan for small businesses. Plans such as these make legal services affordable and approachable. Before selecting any one business, it is important for customers to review all of their options before finalizing their selection. For instance, a small business may conclude that dealing with a local, small legal authority is more suitable for their business interests and overall game plan.

There are many wonderful businesses in Pennsylvania. If you would like roof repair services in King of Prussia, PA or the surrounding areas, please feel free to review this business.

Small business legal plans

Legalzoom Attorney Network

The legal zoom attorney network provides a plan for attorneys across the United States. This network actively engages lawyers who would like to provide customers with good legal advice. In order to understand more about your options, please give us a call at 888-667-6150.

Are you in the market for small business legal plans? Our friendly operators at HELP Legal Plan are available now at 888-667-6150. Find out more about our small business legal plans in Philadelphia, PA today.

How To Develop Small Business Legal Plans

The hard work of an asian lawyer in a lawyer's office. Counseling and giving advice and prosecutions about the invasion of space between private and government officials to find a fair settlement.

Learn More About Small Business Legal Plans

Businesses in the United States are forming more and more with individuals and companies developing their way into the world with their various business models. Businesses start-ups or those that are beginning to lift-off may find that the guidance of legal services is highly recommended for steady transitions as a business grows and gains experience. Small business legal plans through professional services will offer advice on a variety of matters that are relevant toward the future growth and inner workings of a company. It’s important to take advantage of the tools and consultations offered by legal help so you can ensure that operations for your small business are headed in the right direction. For your benefit, here is a few basic information regarding small business legal plans.

Types of Business Structures

The four main types of business structures, although there are more, are partnerships, sole proprietorships, corporations, and limited liability. With each type of business structure, there will be different income, liability and tax implications for the business owner and their companies.

What is a small business legal plan?

Small business legal plans provide counseling from a legal representative concerning your business in areas of contracts with other clients, legal consultation about ideas or plans, and other general guidelines concerning the growth and future of your business model.

Who do you contact for business consultation?

A small business legal service can provide legal advice for business startups and others. 

Is a legal subscription service good for a small business?

When you want help with small business legal plans subscription services may be an option for you as instead of the hourly cost of services lawyers used previously which resulted in unpredictable costs a new choice of monthly fees is instead offered. This is essential as there is cost predictability which won’t harm a small business who may have a budget that shouldn’t’ be exceeded. This also differs from DIY legal services that don’t offer any legal advice or prepaid legal plans for small business that are generally not law firms. With subscription-based law firms, you’ll be more proactive as you’ll able to reach out to an attorney to get answers before small problems become big ones. You’ll also be able to develop a relationship with your attorney that’s more long term as they will be familiar with you as your business develops over time.

Businessman in suit puts signature on contract at business meeting after negotiations with businesswoman, male hand signs official document, subscribes name on legal binding agreement, close up view

What legal advice does a startup need?

  • Determining Legalities of Ideas
  • Defining Founders
  • Forming A Legal Entity
  • Gathering Seed Funding
  • Formalizing Agreements
  • Protecting Intellectual Property

Costs of Small Business Legal Plans

Small business legal plans can be taken from small businesses or individuals for a monthly flat-fee plan for unlimited legal consultations, a few calls, letters, and documents with some legal services. Other legal services may have plans based on employee size or packages that include additional help on business models. It’s best to get into contact with the legal services near you to see what pricing levels they offer.

Do I need a business license for my company?

In all technicality the IRS doesn’t license your business yet it does require certain businesses to get an EIN, an employer identification number, or a federation tax identification number. The business will need to then register this EIN so that in the future the IRS can identify the business as an entity and provide taxes fittingly. Depending on the type of business that you are running a business license will be advisable.

How do I ensure legal compliance?

Depending on the type of business that you have there will be certain legal standards that need to be met. For example, and any food-related businesses would have to have their kitchen inspected by food safety officials to avoid the risk of being shut down. There are also local and national regulations so it’s important to speak with a small business attorney for assistance with small business legal plans.

Contact a Professional Service to Get Started on Small Business Legal Plans

When you’re looking to expand on your business contact a professional legal service for assistance with your small business legal plans. Only through the help of a professional will you be able to go in-depth on legal matters and get the right answers for advice concerning business plans and ideas. Depending on the type of business you have you’ll also be informed of any state and national regulations that need to be met in order to ensure your business isn’t shut down. Get help with costs of expenses, contracts and more so you can navigate through the changing tides with relative ease. If you’re looking to upgrade or develop the aesthetics of your building like with commercial metal roofing reach out to the right avenues as well. Getting help with small business legal plans is always a smart and proactive decision, so reach out to your professional small business legal services today.

If you’re interested in getting help with small business legal plans in Philadelphia, PA call 888-667-6150 with HELP Legal Plan!

The 2019 Year-End Checklist for Every Small Business

An Attorney Consults With an Executive.

A Year in Review

As 2019 draws to a close, most businesses set aside time for strategic planning for the new year. You go over the past year, reviewing what was done and taking note of what could have been done better. Effective business planning is a component of successful ongoing operations, and it helps draw a road map for where you want to grow and what you need to fix in the coming years. It’s wise, at times during your year-end review, to engage partners who can help with your planning. Whether it’s meeting with your accountant or your lawyer from your group legal plan, inviting third-party consultants can give you further insight into your organization.

The End of Year Financial Accounting

Squaring the books is the first thing that should happen during a year-end review. Whether you have an in-house finance team or use a third-party bookkeeping and accounting service, you should bring everyone together to go over the year’s finances.

Review any unexpected financial strain you encountered during the year. Try to understand the reasons around that and how you can avoid it in the future. Conduct a quarterly analysis, as well as a comparison with the year prior. Identify areas of growth that should be flagged for more investment, and mark any lagging parts of your organization for further review.

Budget Strategy and Forecasting with a Group Legal Plan

Once you’ve got a good grip on your finances at the end of the year, it’s time to earmark funds for strategic expenses going forward. Create a budget for purchasing inventory, hiring employees, or investing in new technology. Too many small businesses fail to plan, and investing is done hastily. By planning for the new year, business owners can prioritize investments for the best results.

Forecasting staffing can also be done with the help of an attorney from your group legal plan. They’ll be ready to draft contracts and any other necessary document review, so the on-boarding process is as smooth as possible.

Update Human Resource and Legal Records

Small businesses move at a hectic pace. Often, owners are short-staffed and trying to make things happen to keep the company growing and strong. What often happens, though, is that over the year, some details get overlooked.

The year-end checklist is the perfect time to go over records and make sure everything is up to date. Make sure all of your employees have the correct human resources records and all of the necessary tax documents filled out. If you’re a member of a group legal plan, ask your lawyer to help review records to protect yourself from any legal liability.

Go over any contracts you have with vendors, suppliers, and any third-party services to make sure they haven’t expired. The record review is also an ideal time to identify potential sales and savings opportunities. When contracts expire, it’s a great time to try and negotiate better pricing and a more favorable partnership. You can also mark partner accounts for future sales and marketing efforts.

The After-Action Review (AAR)

During your year-end checklist process, make sure you bring up any major challenges, crises, or emergencies you went through for your year. Too often, we’re so happy to be through a crisis that we’re eager to move on. That prevents owners and employees from learning valuable lessons that come with overcoming a significant challenge.

Whether your business dealt with disruption from a major storm, the folding of a critical partner, severe shrinkage (insider theft), or some other incident, the lessons you draw from reviewing events will help manage a future crisis. An After-Action Review, or AAR, is a tool used by organizations to review events around a significant event. Employers can set guidelines for themselves and employees for how they should be handled in the future. With practice, AARs can improve incident response and avoid large disruptions to your business.

An Attorney Reviews a Document.

Consult Your Lawyer from Your Group Legal Plan

With the help of HELP Legal Plan, small businesses in Philadelphia, PA have access to a network of expert lawyers throughout the year. Your lawyer should be involved in your year-end checklist. As you review the year and map plans for the future, he or she can consult you on how to mitigate legal risk and protect your assets.

Your lawyer can help form new legal entities and make sure you’re compliant with state and federal regulations. Compliance is an important issue for growing businesses pushing into new markets or product lines. With the help of your lawyer, you ensure strategic moves are informed and well-executed.

If you’re interested in joining a group legal plan for your small business, HELP Legal Plan offers a range of valuable services. Each of our members has access to on-call attorneys, and we offer to finance legal fees. Call us at 888-667-6150 to hear more!