Are Group Legal Plans Worth it?

Group legal plan

What do group legal plans cover?

A group legal plan offers a company of any size the capability to have crucial legal services provided by a legal company much like HELP Legal Plan located in Philadelphia, PA. While many believe legal services pertain to defense against lawsuits, that is not actually the case. The purpose of a group legal plan is to:

  • Legally protect those that work in the company and their families 
  • Benefit employees with legal advice on appropriate subjects
  • Give the company the capability to defend itself legally
  • Have a legal minded reference for company policy 

It can be agreed upon that very few people actually think about anything in the legal world until they are directly involved with it. Either by being presented a lawsuit or having to do so directly to another company, a group legal plan helps a company be keeping it prepared for such measures. Furthermore, with a group legal plan, employees have options open to them that they would not have as ease of access to when without. With the mentioned legal service, employees enjoy greater knowledge and access to legal preparation. This includes assistance with insurance and legal documentation such as wills. The company in itself would also have access to human resources assistance for additional assistance in getting internal issues remediated peacefully and beneficially for both sides.

The process to get a group legal plan is fairly similar to health insurance or another policy. Many companies include it, but employees may have the option to opt into the service if companies cannot afford the service, there is a company union or the company offers it as an option. For more information or to experience the services of a group legal plan, call 888-667-6150 if you are based in Philadelphia, PA.

Why is a group legal plan important?

It could be surmised that in legal proceedings, the state will offer a person a legal representative when they are unable to acquire one. A group legal plan can work in the same way but in much better circumstances. Instead of being left without options, group legal plans give the person options in legal situations and life in general. It gives an employee of a company a valuable resource to both rely upon and benefit from in the case that life ever throws a curveball. It also provides a simplified way for employees and employers to communicate thanks to the clear HR policies a group legal plan would help with. 

These HR plans would be clear, being able to offer everyone a clear understanding of what is expected and what is not recommended. Employees would also have a better chance to have a clear understanding of policies such as those set out by employers as well as those insurance companies set for those that accept their terms. This by far evens the playing field when an employee is looking to add an insurance polity to their repertoire of preparation.

What does a legal consultation mean?

A legal consultation provides a better picture of who an attorney is through officially meeting with them. This is done generally before taking on their services by hiring them whether it be for representation or other services they may offer. For such events, it is expected for a person to bring all necessary documentation for both you and the lawyer to get the clearest picture on what they may be doing. In the case of a group legal plan, the employees would speak and negotiate with a team of legal advisors that can help them in the endeavors agreed upon.

There is often a misunderstanding with those that are unfamiliar with the role lawyers those familiar with the legal systems have in this process. Those attending the meeting are interested in taking on the job offered by you. Going into such meetings, the person should be officially dressed and honest. It’s okay to take notes and ask plenty of questions, that’s expected. Upon speaking about group legal plans and other legal matters, it is always a good idea to keep your own documentation of the meeting.

group legal plan

Are prepaid legal services worth it?

Prepaid legal services in reference to a group legal plan is something many people use and benefit from. At some time in their lives, most people tend to need some kind of legal service to get them living back to normal. While a group legal plan covers a broad array of services and benefits, having it more attainable than normal. Prepaid legal services simply make that process easier by having easier access to representatives. The costs are also lower, this is due to most companies offering lower rates and premiums for the services.

If you live in Philadelphia, PA and have need for legal services for your business or employees, contact HELP Legal Plan today. For more information on our offers or to set up an appointment, call 888-667-6150 to get the process started.