Are group legal plans worth it?

group legal planning

What is a group legal plan?

A group legal plan, also known as personal legal service and prepaid legal service, is a technique that makes legal services much more attainable. While it is directly acknowledged as a legal service, group legal plans can be more closely related to a discount plan for legal services that can be extremely beneficial to you when you need assistance at some point. Generally, many companies offer group legal plans to employees to better help with legal representation when it counts. Most cities in the United States, like Philadelphia, PA are known for their businesses largely having some kind of package for employees. 

The simple way to explain how a group legal plan is worth it is by comparing the costs between a personal attorney and the legal plan itself. A group legal plan for that matter is far less expensive than an attorney, while also being nearly just as effective thanks to the wide array of coverage a person can get personally and professionally. Employers are also encouraged to provide a group legal plan to help those hired by giving them an affordable option while taking care of personal protection as well. HELP Legal Plan can help by offering our group legal plans for businesses or for those that are looking to be protected without having to go through the long process of getting a personal expensive lawyer. Call 888-667-6150 today to schedule your appointment.

What does a group legal plan cover?

While they are not entirely known for their complexity, group legal plans are known entirely for the diverse range of problems they cover for anyone that takes advantage of the service. Employers both benefit from granting their employees access to a group legal plan while at the same time they can enjoy some of the benefits as well. To that end, these plans tend to protect people in ways like:

  • Distressful financial challenges
  • Traffic tickets
  • Estate planning
  • Wills
  • Debt
  • Child custody
  • Incoming lawsuit defense 
  • Car accidents

Specifically, employers can participate in group legal plans, but also get the benefit of each employee having peace of mind. As mentioned, group legal planning is not strictly a legal service, but more of a way to make them more affordable through each person chipping in and getting quality representation in legal disputes or endeavors. On occasion, a company can get legal expenses insurance for employees as well, which is essentially a preparatory measure for any legal action directed towards an individual or a company. This combined with group legal plans tends to make a legal defense or action extremely affordable due to it being paid throughout the year with the help of an established business.

Are prepaid legal plans worth it?

The answer to that largely depends on the bundle or plan you pay into whether as an employee, member of a union, or participator in an organization. It’s best to look around at what’s being offers, most of the time an established company will likely do better for its employees than a nonprofit or small business. While some plans only cover as low as simple consultations, the much higher paying plans can entirely cover process like:

  • Divorce
  • Driving while intoxicated charges
  • Physical altercations

While some companies may not give a choice in the employee’s enrollment, those that do offer a variety of plans are often notable in the fact that they are very clear in what is covered. It should be noted that in more expensive plans, employers are able to work out some kind of deal with a legal council company that allows for some kind of measure in affordability for employees. HELP Legal Plan for example is always ready to help and consult clients on what plan is best. Much of the time, most businesses do not need the most expensive of choices, often getting a good middle ground that covers the day to day occurrences that may happen. To answer the question, they can be when you have legal counsel like those found at HELP Legal Plan.

group legal planning

Should I enroll in a legal plan?

One of the worst parts about legal situations is having to find a reliable attorney of which is honest and has some kind of merit. Fortunately, 80% of employers agree that group legal plans offer employees more than the average in legal protections. The reason is that where there can be confusion in the immediate search for legal representation, doing so proactively offers better results thanks to the process including comparing and contrasting what is most appropriate. With that in mind, group legal plans are far more affordable thanks to a list of options that a person can choose from that make dealing with it much easier thanks to more people being in on the operation. From our primary location in Philadelphia, PA, HELP Legal Plan offers multiple legal options on top of group legal plans. We can help you when you call 888-667-6150 for a scheduled appointment.