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Expert Business Legal Services

Protect your business with a group legal plan for employers. As a business owner or HR professional, you need quality legal support to safeguard assets, protect intellectual property, and manage legal correspondence. With the help of HELP Legal Plan, you get on-demand legal consultations and support when you need it. Our members enjoy the benefits of an extensive legal network of firms and attorneys in greater Philadelphia, PA. To learn more about the benefits of a group legal plan for businesses, call us today at 888-667-6150!

HELP Legal Plan Provides the Following Services

This is just a brief overview of some of our most popular services. When you’re a HELP Legal Plan member, you get immediate access to the best lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, so your business or organization can handle any legal issue.

A Group Legal Plan for Employers

How Does It Work?

A group legal plan for employers serves many purposes, but two of the main ones are ensuring legal compliance and minimizing risks. When you own or manage a business or department, you’re responsible for the documents, contracts, and correspondence you produce. You’re also charged with managing product development, creating technology, or innovating processes that drive your company.

With a group legal plan from HELP Legal Plan, you get all of that and more in one single plan. Instead of needing to hire a different lawyer for each legal matter, when you’re a member, you get access to a wide variety of legal services. You simply tell us what kind of assistance you need, and we assign an expert lawyer who will engage with you and see your issue through. Our plans are very affordable, and we have multiple financing options. The plans are sold either by employers or by payroll deductions or voluntary employee deduction. Start the enrollment process today by calling 888-667-6150.

An Attorney Receives a Document for Review.

The Benefits of a Group Legal Plan

Joining a group legal plan helps offset the cost of high fees. It also helps get you access to some of the best law firms and lawyers available. There are a lot of other benefits as well. Some of them include:

  • A 24/7 support line for legal emergencies
  • Legal consultations for conflict resolution and business planning
  • Legal document review
  • Lawyers to manage correspondence in legal matters
  • Immigration attorneys for HR professionals

Find out more about HELP Legal Plan‘s group legal plans in Philadelphia, PA by calling 888-667-6150.

Group Legal Plan For Employers

HELP Legal Plan Offers Financing for Legal Fees

Companies that have been through prolonged legal issues know how expensive it can get. When legal fees aren’t covered by your membership plan, HELP Legal Plan offers affordable financing solutions so you don’t have to choose between lower quality legal assistance and paying the bills.

We work with clients to make sure they have peace of mind knowing HELP Legal Plan is here to help. Our Legal Plan is the ONLY legal plan in America that provides its member’s with financing to help make any legal problem affordable. Options include selling the plans through employers, payroll deduction or voluntary deduction. To hear more about a group legal plan for employers in Philadelphia, PA, call 888-667-6150 to speak with the team at HELP Legal Plan today!